Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas Meth Lab Cleanup

Central States Meth Lab Cleanup Assessment & Decontamination Services

Timely Service / Superior Project Management - Meth Lab Cleanup Company provides our clients with timely service and superior project management in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. We pride ourselves in providing tailored work scopes that best meet our client's clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination needs. With more than fifteen years of experience in clandestine drug lab assessment and remediation, regulatory compliance and reporting, Meth Lab Cleanup Company has emerged as a premier provider of clandestine drug lab services. We set the standard for efficient, cost-effective resolution and client satisfaction.

Meth Lab Testing & Remediation - Meth Lab Cleanup Company helps customers find affordable solutions for any clandestine drug lab contamination challenge. From initial assessment through effective decontamination and quality closure documentation, Meth Lab Cleanup Company is the company you can trust.

Guaranteed Quality & Service - Meth Lab Cleanup’s extensive experience in clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination of illegal drug lab properties sets us apart from all other companies in the field. Our growth is a result of continuous innovation and the effective application of the most reliable earth-kind detergents and technologies. Our services are supported by quality, comprehensive and reliable documentation.

Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska & Kansas Meth Lab Cleanup Laws
Nebraska's regulatory standard is 0.1 ug/100cm. There are no known clandestine drug lab decontamination laws for the state of Missouri. The state does have a guidelines. Several counties are regulated. There are no known clandestine drug lab decontamination laws for the state of Illinois. Illinois property owners must disclose any awareness of methamphetamine manufacture. Indiana's regulatory standard for meth is 0.5 ug/100cm. Contaminated property disclosure is not required. There are no known meth lab cleanup standards for the states of Kansas and Ohio. Several Ohio counties and/or cities are regulated. There are no states in the US that regulate fentanyl laboratories, specifically. Currently, testing and decontamination is completed in accordance with methamphetamine lab protocol with attention to additional hazards. Links to each state's regulations (if regulated) and property disclosure laws (if applicable) can be found on our Regulation web page.
Central State Local Health Departments
An easy-to-navigate map of local health departments is provided online by NACCHO. Find the Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska contact information you need for further information on clandestine drug lab programs and requirements, if available. The oversight of contaminated property is usually the responsibility of the Environmental Health Department within the county or state Health Department.
Law Enforcement Agencies in the Central State Region
Visit Wikipedia's state and local law enforcement listing for police and sheriff's office (Drug Task Force) contact information for the states of Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana and Ohio. There are many multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Forces who service the states listed. Many of these agencies operate as an investigative collaboration between Sheriff Offices and municipal Police Departments, while several are independent Law Enforcement entities.
Quality Meth Residue Testing Products
AccuMeth®, Meth Lab Cleanup‘s onsite kit, is much like a pregnancy test. This test is ideal for law enforcement, child protective services, realtors, clandestine drug lab specialists, home inspectors, renters, landlords, and prospective buyers. Anyone can test properties and have semi-quantitative results within ten minutes of application. Validated by both field testing and laboratory analysis. Meth Lab Cleanup offers an easy-to-use home meth residue test kit, MethAssure®; samples are analyzed by an independent certified laboratory. Mail samples into the lab; the lab analysis the sample in 2 - 3 business days - results are emailed as an attachment. Black Box Reader® is an electronic monitoring device made by Meth Lab Cleanup Company for the measurement of methamphetamine residue using the AccuMeth® lateral-flow assay and digital line intensity readings. Data can then be downloaded into a computer for reference and reporting. Visit our online store to order.