Protocol for potential clandestine drug lab properties - Screen for meth contamination


Screenings are beneficial for properties with no known background of use as a meth lab or suspicion of meth use in the property and are a critical tool for protecting realtors, home buyers, renters and sellers from liability. Give a landlords responsibility to rent or lease a property free of hazards, AccuMeth® brand kits can be used to test for meth between tenants. AccuMeth® brand kits are also useful to law enforcement and social service personnel. Meth screenings are often conducted to gain information regarding potential meth contamination at the property. These screenings are outside the scope of most state's clandestine drug lab cleanup regulations. Visit Meth Lab Cleanup Company's regulation web page for regulations specific to your state. Keep in mind many counties and cities now have their own ordinances or clandestine drug lab guidelines.

Meth Inspections / Screenings It should be noted that meth screenings apply to situations where there is no evidence of a meth lab. If the presence of a meth lab is known or suspected, a Preliminary Assessment must be conducted by a certified clandestine drug lab decontamination specialist in accordance with regulation (if the state is regulated for Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment and Decontamination). If the screening assessment confirms that the property is contaminated, then it is subject to the statutory and regulatory requirements for meth lab decontamination. Perfect for industrial hygienists, decontamination specialists, landlords, renters, realtors and home buyers.

Suggested Process for Meth Screenings

  1. Check to see if the property has any record of clandestine drug lab of activity or drug use. This may include checking with the local health department and law enforcement office. Also check the DEA Clandestine Drug Lab Registry to see if the property has ever been listed as a meth lab or been the site of a meth related investigation. Brief discussions with neighbors may add supportive documentation.
  2. Walk around the property to conduct a visual inspection. Check all out buildings, garages, attics, crawl spaces, sheds and basements. Look for staining or signs of former meth lab use, lab manufacturing apparatus or by-products, etc. See indicators for more information.
  3. Use an AccuMeth® brand meth test kit to conduct sampling for methamphetamine residue. The goal is to collect enough samples per property to have a general understanding of the levels of contamination within the structure. At least one sample should include the heating or cooling system. If it is a forced air system, the sample should be taken inside the cold air return. Wipe samples should be collected in accordance with the instructions provided in the AccuMeth® kit purchased. How-to-videos are also available.

Now What Should You Do? If any of the meth inspection sample results from the meth contamination test kit are above the state clandestine drug lab regulations, or equivalent in states that are not regulated, there are several actions you may want to take:

  1. Additional sampling, in accordance with regulation (if applicable) may be conducted to verity the presence of meth at levels above the cleanup levels specified. Meth Lab Cleanup Company utilizes MethAssure® laboratory analyzed meth test kits for confirmation sampling. If this additional sampling confirms concentrations of meth above the remediation levels, then the property is considered contaminated and must comply with decontamination requirements.
  2. A full sampling protocol as specified by regulations can be conducted in an attempt to demonstrate that concentration of meth do not exceed the remediation levels specified. If successful, the property would not be considered out of compliance. Is this sampling fails to demonstrate that meth concentrations are below the specified cleanup levels, then the property is considered contaminated and must comply with the requirements.
  3. Contact a professional, certified clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination company for more information: Meth Lab Cleanup LLC.